IFEX 2023
IFEX 2023
Chantique Inti Décor
Chantique Inti Décor
World Class Prestigious Furniture
We are the definition of high performance in the outdoor furniture industries
We Are Unique
We Are Unique
We are one of the few factories and brands worldwide
that have the full in-house powder coating facilities

Private labeling and custom designs

are our main force, but we also offer 2 own brands. Ecce is our high end signature range and The Breeze is aimed at a more casual market.

PT. Chantique Inti Décor

Chantique Inti Decor, PT manufactures and designs high quality outdoor furniture for both the contract and the residential market. The company was founded in 2004 in Semarang, Indonesia and is growing steadily.
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The Breeze

The Breeze is our brand introducing a European look with a totally relaxed appeal that makes you just want to dwell and chill.

Testament to the experience

The following references have been collected from a wide variety of custom furniture projects as testament to the experience of working with us. You’ll notice many of the names have been left absent to protect our clients’ privacy, but these references are in letter format and are available upon request for prospective customers.
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Ecce, is our signature brand where the look is focused on understated and discreet luxury.
Best Service

2018 Best of Business

20+ years in experiences

with 200+ satisfied clients

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Best Products

High quality materials & design

Louis Buddies

Louis Buddies, is our brand of unique pet mansions for pet lovers.