To produce and deliver High Quality On Time

Our factory has been designed with the aim of creating a dynamic complexity developed in harmony with the needs of the company workforce and machines.
Weaving process in the factory

This is an ongoing project and encompasses everything from layout of the building to the pathways for both people and components alike, the functionality of the various activities carried out, and, most importantly of all, the well-being of people who do actual work.


Indonesian workers are very committed, fast learners and creative. In our factory we combine the highly skilled workforce with an up to date machines processes. Metal processing machines are imported from Sweden, Germany and Taiwan.  These machines are well maintained and regularly upgraded or replaced to expand functionality,  increase capacity and to keep up with the latest quality standards. Only the best will do. Raw materials and sub materials are selected on the base of high performance, reliability and cost awareness.


The owner and CEO, Mr. Junias Hidajat has more than 20 years experience in the Outdoor Furniture business and applies a hands on management. Every day he is the first to arrive at the factory and the last to leave. His business plan and personal goals are very clear ; To produce and deliver High Quality On Time.